Back Bedding

Back bedding refers to the bedding of putty applied to the rebate on a window frame between the pane and frame.

Sometimes also referred to as bed glazing, forcing putty into the window sash don’t just help the window prevent debris outdoors to enter the house through window gaps, it can also help the window withstand corrosion.

To prevent the putty from causing damage and defects in future, it is important allow it to dry sufficiently before application.

While workmanship is important in back bedding, it also goes without saying that the material used in the putty can make or break the task on hand.

Materials used in the manufacture of putty often contain:

  • Silicone polymers
  • Powder fillers
  • Pigment substances
  • Boric acid
  • etc

While making your own putty is not recommended, homeowners are into DIY are known to create their own back putty with mixtures of glue, borax, and water.