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The Biggest Problems With Poor Lot Grading

The lot grading of a house refers to the level of the ground immediately around the house.

The ground level is graded to determine where water flows during a storm and whether it causes a negative impact on the condition of the foundation and specifically the basement.

This is why there are basically only two types of grading. Positive and negative. read more

Common Problems With Gutters And Downspouts

It is almost impossible to find a house with gutters and downspouts because they serve a very critical function of a house.

And that is to direct water away from the house, and away from ponding in areas around the house.

Water damage from the rain or any funny weather has a direct impact on the exterior walls. An especially prone area is where the walls meet the ground which in extreme situations can even cause erosion. read more

4 Types Of Rulers To Have In Your Toolbox

Measuring dimensions competently is one of the most essential tasks of making, repairing or inspecting anything in the house.

This is why any homeowner who wants to have a toolbox that is more than just basic should have a nice collection of rulers meant for carrying out measuring tasks of all types.

You could very well make certain measurements with a measuring tool that is not specifically meant to do something. read more